Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Bye Santorini- Hello Naxos!

Another beautiful morning. Despite being on vacation Katia wakes up quite early!

We had to conquer 62 steps to get to our room

Monolithos beach- shallow water perfect for the little visitors of Santorini

Busy streets of Thira

Greek bus driver Zorba taking us to Oia, a quiet village on the North part of the island

On our way to Oia

What a beautiful village!

Katia has had enough...but we have two more hours until the sunset!

Oia Donkeys also work very hard

Katia was trying her hardest to stay awake

We had the most delicious figs from this beautiful lady

Everyone is trying to find the best stop to watch the sunset

Upon our return to the hotel we watched the firework show in honor of the volcano

Katia making a purchase of a hairy jumping spider

Off to Naxos

in case of rough seas... I almost needed this

Naxos island

This is the best way to travel...

Cocktail list with very creative names

Sun-dried Octopus Octopus hanging to dry by the side of the road is a familiar sight in Greece

Smyrneiko Restaurant made us happy

The seafood platter

Fascinating suction cups

Local "produce"

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