Monday, September 6, 2010

Exploring Naxos

Sunset over the Portara

We rented a car and explored the island

Temple of Demeter: the most noteworthy building on Naxos outside of Chora (the main city), constructed around 530 B.C.

Walking thru the city of Halki.
The village of Halki is located in the central area of the region of Tragea which is the biggest olive cultivation area of the Cyclades, 16 kilometres from Hora, or Naxos Town.Halki has a long history and was once the capital of Naxos as well as its main administrative and trade centre; the many neo-classical houses and buildings testify about the past wealth and power of the village.

delightful Yianni's Taverna beneath the dappled shade of an ancient Acacia tree

Delicious Greek salad for lunch

on our way to another village Filoti

Looking for another intersting site in Naxos, ancient kouros of Melanes.
Historians believe that these statues were predestined to hold on to a temple roof but they were decidedly abandoned by the ancient sculptors due to faults in the marble and stone that were constructed of.

prickly pear cactus- delicious if you know how to peel it...chris tried and can tell you all about it
In Greek they are called French figs (fragosyka), Paul’s figs (pavlosyka), soft figs (apalosyka), shoe figs (papoutsosyka)

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