Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our exploration of Athens continues...

After my return from the Acropolis I managed to sleep 2 hours. After that Katia decided that she has rested enough and is now ready to explore the city. It was 2 am! We walked the empty streets of Athens and saw the change of the guards at the Syntagma Square.

Some day Katia might be joining the Greek army

Finally, the sunrise came...

Breakfast at the hotel terrace overlooking the Acropolis

And more sightseeing, this time during the day. Back to the Acropolis:

And the ancient Agora

Baby's commode

Bronze shield captured from defeated Spartans

Athens Flea Market

Monastiraki Square

On our way to the Central Market

Central Market where you can film an episode of "Bizzare Foods" (Katia's favorite show)

It's late and Athens is coming getting more and more lively. The streets are filled with restaurants serving delicious souvlaki and greek salads. Yum!

"Souvlaki row" a street near Monastiraki with several restaurants serving souvlaki. Our favorite was Thanassis

On our way back to the hotel, we visited the Tomb on an Unknown Soldier again.

Dinner was not enough and Katia had to have a bedtime snack

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