Monday, October 12, 2009

Hood River Weekend

Last weekend, four ladies came to HR to....


and... finish their sewing projects.

Oh, and to visit an alpaca farm!

I love the Picasa "glow" function

Our hairstyles were almost as cute as the alpacas'

Next, a nature walk/ 10 mile hike with a detour.

Oh yes, you guessed right! We are Charlie's Angels!

and some of us are models, too!

The multitalented Karin!

Homemade lens filter.

I can't help myself- I love silhouettes!

and 10 miles later we were so happy to see Karin's beautiful and dependable Audi! Muah!

After a delicious mozzarella salad made by Ara (sorry for not taking a picture, but I ate it too quickly),Narda made dinner AND fresh bread for breakfast.No picture of that either...

Unfortunately, the bliss had to come to an end when the sun rose on Sunday morning.

Fresh pie and apples to bring home...

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