Sunday, November 16, 2008

My first trip to Washington, DC

Upon my arrival in Washington, DC I promptly began to behave like a tourist and started shopping for souvenirs.
Po przylocie do Waszyngtonu od razu zaczelam sie zachowywac jak turysta i napchalam torbe pamiatkami.

I was greeted by the President Elect himself!
Oczywiscie przywital mnie 44-ty prezydent Stanow Zjednoczonych.

On my way to Downtown- Washington Memorial.

The National Mall

Smithsonian American Art Museum
National Portrait Gallery

Georgia O'Keefe Special Exhibit

Lincoln at the Smithsonian

I offered to help him pack his belongings...
Chcialam im pomoc sie pakowac...

Georgtown neighborhood of Washington,DC

While exploring Georgetown I met this gentleman who was a journalist during WWII and covered the embassies in Washington, DC
Podczas mojego spaceru po starej dzielnicy Waszyngtonu spotkalam tego Pana, ktory byl reporterem ambasad w miescie podczas drugiej Wojny Swiatowej.

Lincoln Memorial where I was greeted by a beautiful rainbow!

Vietnam Memorial

Freeze! FBI!

Newseum surrounded by papers from various states

US Capitol

This is how I traveled through Washington DC! I survived the segway tour and I was not the one that crashed!

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Slastena said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip!!! Whare are the pictures of Georgetown J crew(wink)?:)